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Overseas property – is now the right time to invest in Cyprus?

There are notable ties between the UK and Cyprus, the nation has managed astonishingly – like its close to neighbor Greece – with the pandemic, and it stays on the UK government’s isolate exception list.

That implies there is no commitment for individuals getting back from Cyprus into England to hole up for 14 days.

These things – in addition to the climate, loosened up way of life and existing fame of Cyprus as a vacation and second home location for Brits – should make it a solid possibility for those considering putting resources into property abroad.

Limassol extravagance seafront advancement in the city’s trendiest area, Aktaia Odos, will absolutely trust this is the situation.

The advancement has demonstrated a ‘colossal accomplishment’s since dispatching, with homes in the principal stage got by a wide scope of global clients, who were making the most of ‘the magnificent speculation opportunity on offer’.

Presently, is delivering a new assortment of homes on floors 23 to 26 to showcase, all with ensured ocean sees. Homes in the Limassol Blu Marine reach in size from one-to-five-rooms with costs beginning from €650,000.


The Best Property Developer in Cyprus


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To maintain our established position as one of the Mediterranean’s leading property developers by upholding our reputation for exceptional properties, customer service, and attention to detail in all that we do. When purchasing a Quality Home Developers property, our goal is to exceed our clients’ expectations in all areas of our business, from our sales staff to our after care service.

“We’re so satisfied to have the option to deliver the extravagance homes on these higher floors which will be accessible to purchasers who might have passed up a major opportunity first time around.”


“We figure the shimmering perspectives on the Mediterranean and appealing extravagance condos will be a genuine attract for purchasers hoping to put resources into Europe’s freshest riviera.”


“You additionally can’t fail to remember the all year daylight as an additional advantage!”


What do financial backers get?


The homes accessible at Blu Marine element premium determination and inside completes, shrewd home innovation and German-marked kitchen machines, just as self-ruling warming and cooling frameworks. Also, new inhabitants will approach secure underground stopping.


Limassol Blu Marine says it offers the most significant level of way of life contributions and ‘top notch inn style administrations’ including a day in and day out attendant group available to help inhabitants, property and retail the board, housekeeping and security. It’s portrayed as being ideally suited for financial backers searching for a ‘lock up and pass on’ property or a prepared to lease home.


The raised platform in the middle of the three monumental pinnacles at Blu Marine (named after the Greek divine beings Poseidon, Zeus and Oceanus), will have a ‘fantastic’ 50 meter endlessness pool, perfectly arranged nurseries, a twofold stature exercise center, bistro and occupants’ entryway and attendant.


Occupants will approach more than 1,300 square meters of extravagance wellbeing and health offices, including treatment rooms, sauna and steam rooms, and a normally lit 25 meter warmed indoor pool.


As indicated by’ in-house marketing projections, Asian purchasers make up around half of deals so far at Blu Marine, while Middle Eastern, Russian and European purchasers add to the cosmopolitan blend.


Digging further into these figures, Pantelis added: “We accept that the incredible worldwide interest at Blu Marine stems from the remarkable homes accessible, yet additionally the significant foundation improvements occurring in midtown Limassol, and new neighborhood Aktaia Odos.”


“These ventures incorporate the fresh out of the box new Limassol Marina, ideal for super yacht recognizing, the best in class Dubai World Cruise Terminal, patched up seafront park, coordinated golf, spa just as the gambling club resort and contemporary shopping center. This positive recovery in midtown Limassol has drawn in a great deal of global consideration.”


The new neighborhood of Aktaia Odos is being ace arranged with best in class, present day structures covering private and business, the travel industry and relaxation. It sits among huge open green spaces, bike paths and walker walkways.


There is additionally considerable rebuilding of neighborhood legacy locales, to assist with aligning Limassol with huge scope recovery tasks like London’s Canary Wharf.


Today, Downton Limassol – with its combination of bistros, eateries and worldwide schools, just as its positive assessment system – plays the middle of everyone’s attention to the ‘city’s lively diversion, business and relaxation scene’.


“We accept that the business victories at Blu Marine further originate from the advantages managed by the Cyprus Investment Program. Purchasers and their families have a sense of security in the information that a speculation at Blu Marine means they’re getting a-list extravagance home, just as a chance to live, work and study in Europe,” said.


Abroad purchasers at Blu Marine can exploit Cyprus’ Investment Program, by buying one or various properties of €2 million.


Non-EU residents fit the bill for a Cyprus citizenship, permitting them to travel, work and live inside the EU and Schengen zone – something that might be more interesting to British purchasers since the UK has left the EU, with the change time frame set to reach a conclusion on December 31 2020.


The outreach groups at say they are currently accessible to invite clients to Blu Marine’s recently opened Sales and Marketing Suite and to work with viewings for the last assortment of homes.


The primary private pinnacle, Poseidon, is relied upon to finish in 2022. Condos start from €650,000.


Up to date – lowdown on Cyprus


An island country in the Eastern Mediterranean, Cyprus has a populace of just 1.2 million however is as yet the third biggest island – after Sicily and Sardinia – in the Mediterranean Sea.


Albeit topographically in Asia, and encompassed by many Middle Eastern nations, Cyprus is politically an European nation and an individual from the European Union.


A British domain until as of late as 1960 – one of the heritages is the way that they drive on the left in Cyprus – the country’s new past hasn’t been without issues. In the wake of acquiring autonomy from the UK sixty years prior, a constitution which ensured a level of force dividing among the Greek Cypriot greater part and the Turkish Cypriot minority was concurred, yet the two populaces – with sponsorship from the legislatures of Greece and Turkey, separately – conflicted in 1974.



The outcome saw Turkish control of the northern and eastern 40% of the island. In 1983, the Turkish-held region proclaimed autonomy as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Notwithstanding, just Turkey presently perceives the TRNC, with any remaining governments and the United Nations perceiving just the public authority of the Republic of Cyprus over the entire island.


The UN actually works a peacekeeping power and a tight cradle zone between the two Cypriot ethnic gatherings – nonetheless, open threats have kindly been missing for quite a while, as the different sides (with the developing help of the EU) continuously inch towards a reunification of some depiction.


Indeed, even presently, the UK holds two little Overseas Territories on the space of the Republic of Cyprus, known as Akrotiri and Dhekelia, containing a couple of parts of towns and two army installations.


Various Cypriot areas – including Limassol, Paphos, Larnaca and Ayia Napa – have become well known objections for British holidaymakers, especially among more youthful ages quick to exploit the nightlife on offer.


The capital, Nicosia, is the country’s biggest city and furthermore holds the questionable title of being the world’s last isolated capital city. It is two capital urban areas in one, with a Greek side and a Turkish one.


Perhaps the most seasoned civilisation in the Med, with a set of experiences spreading over 10,000 years during which it has changed hands commonly, Cyprus has a rich culture and social scene, a solid love of football and a cooking which consolidates European, Middle Eastern and Arab impacts – with halloumi ostensibly being its most globally renowned item.


There is assessed to be around 300,000 Cypriots living in the UK, especially gathered in North East London, with huge networks in other British urban areas like Birmingham, Leeds, Cardiff, Nottingham and Bristol. Conversely, around 60,000-70,000 British expats live in Cyprus.


What are the current travel rules?


Since July 4, Cyprus has been excluded from the FCO exhortation against all insignificant worldwide travel, in light of the current evaluation of Covid-19 dangers.


Notwithstanding, make a trip is dependent upon section limitations. As of August 1 2020, the UK has been in Cyprus’ Category B. This implies that vacationers are allowed to make a trip to Cyprus, yet they need to give a negative test on appearance, gotten inside 72 hours before movement.


On July 31 2020, the Republic of Cyprus government reported that Covid test results can be as an email or SMS, however the test outcome itself as well as arrangement letter should incorporate the date and time when the test was taken.


While the UK has left the EU, the standards on movement to EU nations remains something very similar until December 31 2020 while the UK and EU work out an economic agreement and arrange extra plans. The public authority’s unfamiliar travel guidance page on Cyprus will be refreshed with country-explicit data for explorers as things change.


Commonly, around 1,000,000 British nationals visit Cyprus consistently, with most visits inconvenience free.