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QR Codes are short for Quick Response Codes. Real Estate Paphos – THE LEADING BUILDER OF LOFT CONVERSIONS IN AND ACROSS PAPHOS.

We specialise in one-of-a-kind loft conversion design and construction projects. Our unexpectedly economical projects are built in just a few weeks, based on designs created specifically for your needs. It’s your ideal Paphos loft conversion, with the least amount of trouble and the most amount of satisfaction.

Pick QR Codes Real Estate Paphos for your Loft Conversion Project.

At QR Codes Real Estate Paphos, we design and build Paphos loft conversions and transform them into beautiful spaces. Some Paphos residents desire more space for a growing family but cannot afford to relocate. Others are looking for that one room in the house that they can genuinely call their own. QR Codes Real Estate Paphos has everything you’re looking for in a Paphos loft conversion.

Our goal is to take as much of the work and tension out of a Paphos loft conversion as possible. We can handle the entire design and construction process, including all architectural drawings, planning approval, structural calculations, and construction, as well as providing you with a professional Project Manager.

We specialise in making every loft or attic conversion as straightforward and stress-free as possible. Are you thinking about selling your house and moving? If you are thinking about adding a loft conversion to your Paphos property, it might increase its value by up to 25%. That implies you’ll most likely profit from your loft conversion in the long run. Loft conversions are among the most popular home improvements in Paphos. They are less expensive than moving, but they allow you to improve your living space.

Loft Conversions Come in a Variety of Styles

The QR Codes Real Estate Paphos staff recognises that no two loft conversions in Paphos are genuinely same; not just because of the unique selection of property accessible around the city, but also because of the remarkable variety of people, tastes, and lifestyles. We work hard to personalise each loft conversion project to the client’s demands and incorporate all they may require.

It could include the most recent bathroom suites and wet rooms on the market, as well as magnificent design elements that maximise natural light, such as skylights, Juliet balconies, and much more. You should talk about the type of loft conversion you want to invest in, such as a dormer loft conversion, an L-shaped dormer loft conversion, or a hip to gable loft conversion. We can also install staircases, built-in storage, and furnishings, as well as lighting and electrical services.

Contact us immediately to begin your Paphos Loft Conversion.

Contact us today for a free site survey and to get started on your very own custom loft conversion. See our interactive map of Paphos below to see the locations we cover as well as some of our favourite case studies of loft conversions we’ve conducted near you.

You’ll also discover lots of information on the loft conversion planning process, your Paphos loft conversion costs, loft storage ideas, case studies, a QR Codes Real Estate Paphos loft conversion gallery, and client testimonials on the site. This will give you a taste of the absolutely unique service that we provide.

QR Codes Real Estate Paphos offers high-quality loft conversions in both Paphos and Limassol, ensuring that your home space is enlarged with total competence, care, and professionalism, resulting in a finished product that guarantees 100 percent happiness and satisfaction. The skilled team at QR Codes Real Estate Paphos understands that nothing is more personal than your own, private area, and we endeavour to create a location where you can spend your time relaxing, learning, socialising, or simply being. Simply can customise a plan to suit your house, the type of building you live in, and your budget, with the end objective of creating a home you are pleased to call yours.

Why Choose QR Codes Real Estate Paphos?

QR Codes are short for Quick Response Codes. Real Estate Paphos has completed high-quality loft extensions throughout Paphos, working with a variety of different designs and ideas, with a satisfied customer at the end of the process. Our magnificent extensions not only add space to a house, but they also offer character to a weary building and light to boring décor. They are a terrific, dependable alternative if you are thinking about re-vamping and re-sizing your living space. Simply’s expert services extend to a wide range of different building types, from converting dingey mansion blocks into airy and spacious living quarters to slightly more complicated dormer conversions, and the team can advise you on which type of extension would best suit you and your home, whether it’s the budget-friendly loft pod or the contemporary Velux conversion. If you believe your desired extension may be a little more complicated, Simply’s previous work on complex loft conversions will convince you that your visions can become a reality.

Once the area has been changed, the possibilities for what it can be used for are limitless. From an additional bathroom to a new and upgraded master bedroom or even a private office, there is something for everyone. If you know you need more space but aren’t sure where to begin, you can find images and success stories from all over Paphos on this website, which will not only provide you with some fantastic interior inspiration but will also assure you that a conversion with QR Codes Real Estate Paphos is the way to go.

Paphos Loft Conversions

A Paphos loft conversion is an excellent method to increase the value of your home without having to relocate. A loft conversion is also an excellent method to transform unused space in your home into a brand-new bedroom/bathroom/office. The type of loft conversion that can be done is determined on the type of home in which you live. In addition to the type of home, the area will determine what type of planning clearance is required and what type of conversion we can perform for you. Whatever the case may be, we can ensure a conversion that will provide you with the most space while still being visually attractive to your demands and planning regulations.

Premier Lofts works all across Paphos, including the suburbs. Since 1990, Premier Lofts has been offering happy customers with Paphos loft conversions. Since our inception, we have relied primarily on word of mouth. We do not advertise, and every customer we have worked for has come through a reference from a previous loft conversion. This attests to the high quality of our service. Premier Lofts will not just be present for the duration of our visit. The service we provide begins with a free consultation and continues throughout the process and even after the loft is built. On our testimonials page, you can see copies of genuine client letters that were provided to us after completion to get a sense of the work and quality that we deliver.


A Paphos loft conversion is an excellent method to increase the value of your home without having to relocate. Did you know that a loft conversion in Paphos can increase the value by up to 25%? This means that you will almost certainly gain money from your loft conversion in the long run. Loft conversions are the most common home improvements that families in Paphos may make when space is limited. Overall, it is less expensive than moving and allows you to improve your living space.

Loft conversions are an excellent method to increase the size and value of your Paphos home.
Loft conversions in Paphos are not only a terrific method to improve the value of your house in Paphos, but they also come with a slew of other benefits. You can convert your unused attic space into a luxurious new place for you and your family, such as a new bedroom, bathroom, or office. Loft Conversion Paphos creates different ideas and builds Loft conversions, transforming them into magnificent spaces. Space is always an issue in Paphos, especially for a growing family that cannot afford a larger house. We come in and assist you with creating that extra area in your house that you can call your own. Browse our loft conversion galleries for inspiration and ideas for your own loft conversion.

Paphos Loft Conversion with No Hassle

It is our objective to make your Paphos loft conversion as simple as possible. We make certain that you are not disturbed and that noise is kept to a minimum. We will schedule our building hours around your work schedule and carry all work supplies and materials via scaffolding. Even if passing through your house becomes unavoidable, we will take all necessary safety and precautionary procedures to preserve your flooring, walls, and furnishings. We can build the entire process, from design to construction to obtaining building permits from the appropriate authorities. If you have your own designs or drawings, we can work with them and build accordingly.

We will assign you a dedicated site manager who will be available to answer any questions you may have. One of our supervisors will meet with you to go over all of your needs and take measurements for your loft conversion. You are free to ask any questions you have at that time. Following that, we will develop an economical loft conversion plan for your project based on the details we have discussed.

Ready to Begin Your Paphos Loft Conversion?

If you already know what type of loft conversion you require, please contact us for a free site survey so that we can get started on your custom loft conversion. We cover the entire island of Paphos. Please view our loft conversion gallery to get a sense of the work we’ve done. You may see our loft conversion planning process to get a sense of the steps involved from start to finish. You might be wondering, “How much does a loft conversion cost?” What loft storage alternatives do I have? We will answer all of your questions and provide you with the lowest price for your Paphos loft conversion. If you like what you see and believe we are trustworthy, send us an email with your name and address as well as a brief message about what you want done, and we will come down to appraise your property at the time you specify. We will provide you with a reasonable quotation for your loft conversion, and if you are satisfied, we will begin work. That’s all there is to it.

Our Loft Conversion Work Process: 

1. Site Survey and Quote – Our surveyor will organise a time to visit your house that is convenient for you. We will create the quote and agree on the parameters as soon as possible after the site visit.

2. Building Regulations and Contract — Once the contracts have been signed, we will begin the construction process. We will introduce you to your project manager, who will handle all of the necessary building laws and planning clearances.

3. Finishing Touches – Once the loft conversion work is completed, we conduct an inspection to identify and repair any small flaws.

4. Your Loft is Complete – We finish all of the work and deliver your Loft to you.

Loft Conversions in Paphos Come in a Variety of Styles

Loft Conversion Paphos understands that each loft conversion is unique, not only because of the wide range of property available in Paphos, but also because of the diverse tastes, ideas, and lifestyles of the people who live there. The type of loft conversion you can accomplish is also heavily influenced by the type of house you reside in. Aside from the type of house, the location you live in will give us an idea of what kind of planning clearance is required. Whatever the conclusion, we can ensure a conversion that will provide you with the greatest space while adhering to your needs and planning regulations. Our team works hard to design a bespoke tailor-made loft conversion that fulfils the client’s expectations and has everything they require. Bathrooms, wet areas, magnificent natural light designs, and much more can be included. We can assist you in making your concept a reality. Dormer Loft Conversion, L-shaped Dormer Loft Conversion, Hip to Gable Loft Conversion, Mansard Loft Conversion, and Velux Loft Conversion are the four types of loft conversions that can be done. As part of our service, we may install staircases, cupboards, storage furniture, and even electrical services.


Loft Dormer Conversion

These are the most popular Loft Conversion Options because they are the simplest method to add roof space and light to your loft. The structure of your roof is changed on the property’s sides or back, and a new flat-roofed dormer is added.

Loft Conversion from Hip to Gable

These are typically seen on the side of detached, semi-detached, or end-terraced homes. The hip, also known as the sloping side of the roof, is removed during this process, and the wall is then built straight to make a new vertical gable.


Conversion of a Mansard Loft

This style of Loft Conversion is excellent for adding internal space. This procedure entails replacing one or both roof slopes with very steep sloping sides and a flat roof on top. Perfect for semi-detached and detached homes.


Loft Conversion Using Velux

This is the most cost-effective and straightforward Loft Conversion since you may enlarge your loft area without changing the design of the roof structure. Because everything is done internally, there is very little interruption and construction required. Ideal for a wide range of characteristics.

loft conversion


A Paphos loft conversion will provide you with extra space within your house for a fraction of the expense. Rather of moving, just add this area to your loft and boost its worth at the same time. Below is our comprehensive guide on loft conversion ideas and tips to consider before beginning your loft conversion. Before you begin any work on your Loft conversion, it’s critical that you get the interior structure correct, such as the extra bedroom’s specification, your expected budget, the sort of natural lighting/windows you want to install, and many other factors. We will make every effort to provide you with loft conversion ideas that you can execute in your house. We understand that the most crucial component in a loft conversion is the price; with our suggestions and ideas, you will be able to prepare ahead of time and keep within your budget.



Before you begin Loft Conversion, you need determine whether your loft area is suitable for conversion. Most houses in Paphos have authorised development, which means that you can continue with your loft conversion without the need for planning approval. We can come to your house for a site survey and advise you on what may be done for your loft conversion.


Calculate the Headspace


Did you know that in order to convert your loft, you must have a minimum head height of 2.3m? Yes, you are accurate; there is a height restriction on the conversion of your loft. Other factors that may influence this decision or impede the planning permit procedure include the pitch of the roof, chimneys, water tanks in the loft, and so on. If your roof space is smaller than 2.3m, don’t worry; there are other choices available, such as removing a piece of the roof or the entire roof, to enhance the headspace. This, in turn, will increase the cost and necessitate planning permission, as opposed to a more basic conversion.


Take into account the floor below.


Another option is to lower the ceilings of the rooms below so that your loft’s spaciousness expands and meets the 2.3m height requirement. This technique, once again, can be costly, but it can solve your problem for extra room.


Look for additional Conversions in your neighbourhood.


Look for loft conversions on your street to see if your loft is suitable for conversion. Look for similar properties on your street and see if any of them have loft conversions. If you see an example, it is more than probable that you can as well. Overall, if you desire a loft conversion, anything is feasible.



It’s quite acceptable to have a smaller loft conversion, or if you want to have two little rooms instead of one large one, you should examine the small areas that have more to offer. Did you know that colours have the ability to make a room appear and feel larger? We recommend going with a light colour palette, preferably white, to make your loft area feel lighter and larger. Decorate the space with soft furnishings in a deeper tone to create a warm atmosphere. It all depends on what you intend to do with the extra loft area. There are numerous outstanding loft room decorating ideas on this page.



Before you begin the Loft conversion project, you should evaluate the layout that you require. In other words, where the bathroom will be, storage areas, where the bed will be placed, and so on. If you are planning an ensuite, you must consider the height and internal spaces so that the shower and handbasin can be appropriately placed without compromising headspace. The location of the stairs is another element to consider in the early phases. Examine all of your options to ensure that you receive the most room for your loft conversion. Do you know that a simple decision like where to put the door can mean the difference between a boxy loft conversion and one that is more open?


When it comes to creating your Loft, you have two primary options:


To begin, you should employ an architect. This might be someone close to you who can come to your house and prepare plans that the builders (we) can turn into reality. You will be able to tell the architect exactly what type of design you prefer and what inside specs you require.


The second alternative is to entrust us with the entire project, as we will design and build your loft conversion to your specifications. We have local architects who will come to your home and draw drawings for you. The additional benefit is lower architect fees and the all-inclusive service provided.




Skylights/rooflights that follow the pitch line of the roof are the best option. This is installed by removing the tiles and battens from the area where the skylight will be installed. The skylight frame has been installed, and the surrounding area has been tiled to a high standard. This sort of window is the most cost-effective, and it does not require any special authorization to install. You should spend some time to consider how you want your windows in your Loft conversion. Consider the size and placement of your windows, as this is a crucial aspect in determining how much light enters your loft. If you value natural light, the conventional rule is that window glazing should account for at least 20% of the loft space.


Windows in Dormers

Dormer windows give much-needed room to your loft conversion while also providing natural light. Dormer windows are most useful when the pitch angle is high, as this increases the internal floor space. Because it projects the most available head space, the mansard conversion type will provide the most converted roof space, resulting in a larger usable internal floor area. The hip-to-gable conversion will have the same effect.


Do you know that the placement of the windows will assist us decide on the type of roof shape to use?

A long, shallow room, for example, will benefit from windows that are evenly distributed throughout its length, whereas a narrow, deeper room can profit from just one large window. Because every room is different in size and design, you must take the time to determine what style of window will be best for your loft conversion. “A top-hung alternative where the window is just within an arm’s reach delivers a better view and more headspace,” explains Grant Sneddon, a daylight window expert at Velux. He goes on to say that if the window is out of reach, a center-pivot window moved by a rod or electronically is optimal. Overall, before you begin bringing your loft to life, think about what window you want and where you want to put it.



Why do individuals choose a loft conversion? This is due to the fact that residences in Paphos are small, and the majority of the time, they lack the extra bedroom or bathroom that a growing family requires. A loft conversion is an excellent approach to balance out the proportions of your house. As previously stated, most loft conversions are used to add an extra bedroom or two; however, there are other loft conversion ideas, such as a movie room, an office, a playroom for the kids, and much more. If your house has fantastic views, you should take use of them by building a fantastic loft space. Many individuals believe that the uneven ceilings and beams are a restricting issue in establishing a bathroom in the loft. It’s all conceivable, and we’ve designed magnificent bathrooms in the loft that are easily accessible from the loft bedroom. A trendy shower or wet room is another option for the bathroom, but first make sure you have enough headroom for the shower. If an extractor is not necessary, you will need to install a good-sized window. Here’s a terrific resource for determining the best shower enclosure for your loft room.


Did you know that the loft is an excellent location for a home office? If you don’t want to build an extra bedroom in the loft but work from home, a “home office” is the ideal option. You want to maintain your office full of natural light, just like any other office, and this can be accomplished with some wonderful skylights. Go for light-colored blinds, in our opinion, because they will still allow some light through even when closed, allowing you to work successfully after the sun has set. The home office loft conversion will make the best use of the areas around the sloped ceilings. You can have built-in storage on the sides as well as a desk near the skylight. Lofts, on the other hand, make excellent children’s bedrooms and playrooms because the extra space is ideal for children and teenagers.



A loft conversion can provide you with a lot of more room as well as new ideas. If you’ve always desired a walk-in wardrobe but don’t have the space in your room, why not build your own? We can use the eaves area for built-in storage, which will alleviate the problem of the uncomfortable sloping roof. You can install a huge skylight above your dresser or walk-in closet and place it so that it provides the maximum natural light. We adore the idea of having a master bedroom in the loft, complete with a walk-in wardrobe. Those who do not have enough space in their loft for a dresser or walk-in closet can choose for an open wardrobe or clothes rack, which will significantly minimise the amount of space needed.



The eaves are one of the most difficult locations to work with in the Loft conversion. Consider incorporating a useful recess into the eaves if you are designing a bathroom for the loft and want to make use of the uncomfortable location. This will make better use of space that might otherwise be squandered. The eaves area is also ideal for building the toilet and bath. As you may be aware, loft conversion necessitates embracing the odd spaces that come with it and utilising them in a creative and functional manner. For example, in that problematic area, add shelves or a desk, or install cupboards custom-made to match the sloped roof, which will provide you a wonderful storage solution while also maximising your internal space.



Yes, the answer is yes! Because the installation of insulation is a required requirement, adding a loft conversion will give you the best chance of making your house more energy efficient. It is required by building laws, and there are two types of insulation that your local authority or a local building inspector will assess when they visit your house. The Cold Roof Insulation: of the 10cm total insulation, 7cm is built up by filling the crevices between the rafters with foam insulation. The remaining 3cm of slab insulation is secured to the rafters’ insides. It is critical to leave a 5cm gap between the roof felt and the insulation to allow for ventilation. The Cold Roof insulation method is the simplest to implement. Second, warm-roof insulation, which consists of 10cm thick foam insulation installed over the rafters prior to the addition of capping, tile battens, and tiles. This is the more challenging approach for building a dormer that is normally employed after the roof covering has been removed. This 10cm thick slab of foam insulation may insulate a dormer wall, however an internal partition wall requires a 10cm thick patchwork of insulation between plasterboard attached to both sides. You will also need 10cm thick insulation between your loft’s floor joists. Overall, the loft insulation work will help to reduce your house’s energy expenditures. More information on how to insulate your roof may be found here.



Before you begin your loft conversion, you should be aware of the building codes that your loft conversion must follow. Building laws address issues such as safety, the strength of the loft floor, accessible head space, any fire escapes, energy efficiency, plumbing, window glazing, and electrics. The building regulations can be completed by the architect you hire or by us, who can help you with design and build. The majority of loft conversions are classified as permitted development, which implies that no planning approval is required if the following criteria are met:


If your house is terraced, you have a limit of 40 cubic metres of additional roof space; however, semi-detached and detached properties have a maximum of 50 cubic metres.


There will be no additional extension to the front of the property beyond the plane of the existing roof slope.


There is no extension that is higher than the highest point of the existing roof.


The materials utilised should be of the same type as the existing property.


The loft conversion will not include any balconies, platforms, or verandas.


All of the windows on the sides are covered and open 1.7m above the loft floor.


Roof extensions must extend at least 20cm beyond the original eaves. The hip-to-gable conversion is an exception.


The loft extension must not protrude from the property’s wall.


Loft conversions are not permitted in flats or on any property located within a conservation area.


If you need to apply for planning approval, we can assist you, or your architect can walk you through the procedure.



Yes, because the current ceiling joists are unlikely to be sufficient to support the load of a conversion floor, you will most likely be necessary to obtain additional new joists that conform with building rules. You might request that your structural engineer describe the exact size and grade needed. The new joists will span between the load bearing walls in the loft and are typically raised slightly above the existing ceiling plasterwork using spacers beneath the joist ends. You must ensure that this separation is adequate to prevent any new floor joist deflection from contacting the ceiling plaster below. The new joists will be installed alongside the existing joists. Furthermore, thicker wood is utilised to bridge window and door openings because pressure on the current opening lintel is not desired. RCJs, also known as Rolled steel joists, are used to distribute load and, in some installations, to carry the ends of the new joists. If head space is limited, larger, thicker joists that are much more closely spaced can be specified.



The optimal spot for the staircase to land is parallel to the roof ridge, which maximises the usable height above the stairs. The required minimum height above the pitch line is 2m, which can be decreased to 1.9m in the centre and 1.8m on either side of the stairs. In practise, the exact staircase position will be determined by the layout of the floor below, and whether or not the available height can be increased by adding a dormer, a skylight above the staircase, or, if possible, converting a hip rood end to a gable. A straight line can have a maximum of sixteen steps, but a typical installation usually only requires thirteen. When it comes to step size, the maximum step climb is 220m and the step depth is around 220mm, both measured from the pitch point. The snout of the step often protrudes 16-22mm in advance of the pitch line. The ratio size shall not, under any circumstances, exceed the maximum angle of pitch requirement of 42 degrees. Winders should have a minimum width of 50mm at their narrowest point. Finally, when it comes to balustrading, the minimum height above the pitch line is 900mm, and the spindles should be separated by enough distance that a 100mm sphere cannot pass through it.


house extensions

house extensions

Building the most stunning house extensions in Cyprus necessitates two key ingredients: a client with a vision and the proper team of architects, builders, and interior designers to turn that vision into a marble-edged, fabric-matched, open-plan, high-tech, bi-fold lighted reality. QR Codes are short for Quick Response Codes. Real Estate has exactly such a crew, so what are your home extension ambitions?

New Builds

New Builds

QR Codes Real Estate is a forward-thinking design and build partner in Cyprus, offering extraordinary new build and refurbishment projects. Our reputation as the “go-to” Tier 2 contractor stems from our commitment to high-quality, innovative, and best-value developments that exceed customer expectations.


QR Codes Real Estate are luxury home renovation experts, with a team of highly talented architects, interior designers, builders, and craftsmen dedicated to ensuring that your home is every inch the dream home you desire. If your project entails a flat or house renovation in Cyprus and you’re searching for a team with an eye for detail, a passion for precision, and a dedication to quality of finish, then contact us now for your refurbishing needs.

Design & Build

Design & Build

At QR Codes Real Estate, we have a skilled design team that can handle anything from initial planning approval drawings to final planning approval drawings. Whatever your scope, design concepts, or build complexity, we can manage it.

Interior Design

Interior Design

QR Codes Real Estate has established a reputation in the luxury interior design business for producing interiors that are intelligent, elegant, dynamic, and filled with passion and imagination. Our interior design studio is talented, friendly, approachable, and completely dedicated to obtaining the greatest design solution possible for any given project, whether it is a private residence, show suite, hotel, spa, or restaurant setting.

Kitchen Extensions

Kitchen Extensions

In order to make your kitchen extension, underfloor heating, and living space a reality in Cyprus, you’ll need a team of builders. QR Codes Real Estate is a Cyprus kitchen extension firm with such a staff, so what are your home extension dreams?

Loft Conversions

Loft Conversions

QR Codes Real Estate is a luxury loft conversion specialist in Cyprus. With hundreds of elegantly designed and impeccably finished loft conversions conducted throughout the city over the last decade, you can be confident that there are no better loft conversions in Cyprus than those created by Proficiency in terms of inventiveness, skill, and attention.