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QR Codes are short for Quick Response Codes. Real Estate Paphos is a building contractor situated in Paphos that specialises in house extensions and side return extensions.

We offer complete design and build services for loft conversions, basement conversions, and kitchen extensions. We successfully completed bespoke home extension and high-end home renovation projects to gain additional space;

Our custom Design & Build solution comprises planning, design, and completion.

We can keep everything under one roof by offering every service from start to finish, from the initial consultation, through the survey and design, to the planning permission and building rules approval, so you always know where you stand and what the next step is.

We will assist you with PLANNING, design, and build your home extension project!

How We Operate

We build a full-service solution that includes spatial planning, interior and exterior design, construction, architectural reconfiguration, lighting design, furnishing, decorating, and procurement.

WHAT WE DO We capture your vision.

We employ new architectural design solutions to building projects to create a concept design, drawing out the layout of your house extension, and exploring the property’s possibilities. We are willing to devote as much time as you require to this process in order to ensure that all issues and alternatives are examined.

Making your thoughts a reality

Our imaginative architectural and interior designers will start working on concept designs and sketches. This is a collaborative process in which we collaborate with you to develop ideas into a final set of designs for the kitchen extension build phase. You can also choose your own materials, fixtures, and fittings with the help of our professionals.

Construction and approval

You can anticipate the end outcome as the construction crews begin build under the supervision of your personal Project Manager. The precise plan will guarantee that the appropriate personnel, tools, and supplies are on-site at the appropriate times to ensure a smooth build.

Paphos Market Design and Construction

Paphos’s premier home extension and loft conversion firm is The Market Design & Build. We have established ourselves as one of the most devoted and professional Design and Build firms in Paphos and the surrounding areas, having completed hundreds of bespoke projects such as roofing, loft conversions, home extensions, and new buildings. Unlike many other organisations, we keep everything under one roof and provide a full end-to-end solution that includes project consultation, planning, design, and execution.

We are a reputable and well-known firm with many satisfied and returning customers who have generously given us over 700+ good Checkatrade evaluations and a 5-star rating on Google Reviews.

Whether you need a new kitchen extension, a loft conversion, or a whole home refurbishment, The Market Design and Build Paphos is here to help. Our skilled in-house staff has a wealth of knowledge and experience that we can put to work for you in order to help you build the property of your dreams.

Design & Build Paphos

Paphos design and construction business

How does design and construction work?

Design and build is an excellent way to gain complete control of your project from the outset.
QR Codes Real Estate Paphos offers something that no other design and build company in Paphos does:

At competitive pricing, the leading architect studios in Paphos offer design and planning applications.
Integrated structural design that has been optimised in conjunction with the ongoing architectural designs
Early construction experience is used to ensure that your budget is spent on the items that are most important to you and your lifestyle.
Budget optimization to obtain the finest options for construction and finishes, with precise and detailed cost estimates

What if you already have your designs?

If you already have architectural and structural designs, QR Codes Real Estate Paphos offers a one-of-a-kind Build solution to see your vision through to completion. You will still receive:

  • Expertise in project management and structural engineering, devoted to your project
  • Cost estimation that is precise and detailed
  • Exclusive manufacturer-direct access to Italian finishes in all pricing categories.
  • Our digital platform allows for real-time tracking of progress and budget use.




  • Work with a professional architect to turn your vision into actual design drawings.
  • Utilize the best knowledge to maximise the potential of your property.
  • Get planning permission in a quick and painless process.
  • Have all of the building regulations approved before beginning the real job (in-house) Utilize our in-house experts to design the structure for your project or to optimise your existing design.


  • Obtain the most qualified building contractor crew for your project.
  • To increase safety and compliance, have a structural expert on-site to double-check current conditions and construction.
  • Use the best professionals on the job at the correct time, from electricians and plumbers to carpenters and decorators.
  • At a reduced price, you may get exquisite kitchens and porcelain tiles directly from Italy.


  • Assign an English-speaking project manager to your project.
  • Orders, staff on-site, building regulations visits, and other arrangements should be optimised for effective time management.
  • Ensure that Health and Safety, the party wall protocol, the council authorities, and the neighbours are all handled swiftly and professionally.
  • To stay on top of what’s going on on the job site, stick to a defined decision-making procedure.


  • Control your project with the QR Codes Real Estate Paphos dashboard, which allows you to monitor progress, budget usage, see real-time photographs and videos, and leave comments.
  • Have access to a dedicated channel on the QR Codes Real Estate Paphos chat platform for quick and traceable decision making and issue resolution.
  • Avoid extended email thread discussions by keeping a written record of all talks, questions, issues, and decisions in one location.

Understanding the Design and Build Process


One of our construction specialists comes to meet with you and inspect the property.

  • Meeting in person: grasp what you want and the project’s challenges.
  • Seeing the location: locate the vision within the physical restrictions.
  • Discussing your preferences and requirements: Identify obstacles, avert problems, and remove roadblocks
  • Capturing the unsaid: gather facts, expressions, and moods to design something unique for you.

A site visit is one of the most crucial factors in ensuring the success of your project. Even more so if it is your primary home. Looking viewing the location and discussing your concept in person is the greatest approach to understand your vision, priorities, and expectations. A perfect solution is not a success if it is not what you desire for your location. A face-to-face dialogue enables the translation of your idea into the technical structure required to make things happen.


One of our partner architects meets with you to learn about your expectations, discuss cost choices, and transform your concepts into drawings.

(Only the design and build package is available)

  • Translating the vision: write down the thoughts you discussed.
  • Defining the restrictions: Make a concrete design for evaluation
  • Recognizing your options: Discuss the implications of the various options.
  • Budget and design are intertwined: obtain authorization and keep within your budget

To ensure that your priorities are met, it is critical to stay in touch and keep everything aligned, your vision and our understanding. Sometimes a simple, low-cost answer can save you a lot of money and make you happy than a sophisticated, high-priced detail. Light, head-height, family space, living style, taste, and comfort must all be prioritised in terms of creativity and design.

3. design AND PLANNING

One of our partner architects creates all of the documentation and drawings for the planning authority and supervises the approval procedure.

(Only the design and build package is available)

  • Liaison with council officials: coordinate meetings, requirements, and comments.
  • Drawings and plans must be completed and submitted to the council.
  • Filing the application for approval: submit the entire package for a decision by the council.
  • Creating a pre-build package that includes building regulations as well as specs, a party wall, leasehold management, and other features.

Managing a planning permission application requires a careful mix of realising your aspirations, maximising the potential of your land, and meeting the standards of the planning authorities. It is frequently a matter of details, such as researching the history of previous judgments, choosing the correct advisors, and efficiently interacting with the planning authorities. We always strive to gain approval as soon as possible, avoiding submitting a proposal that is too conservative and would not provide you with the home you desire.



One of our estimation specialists creates an accurate quotation for your project, complete with a breakdown of all the features and their costs.

  • Determining construction costs: Assess the fundamental construction work
  • Options evaluation: For the best results, optimise the selection of finishes and suppliers.
  • Explanation of the quote: describe precisely what is included or not included, and what the impact may be
  • Effective communication: Explain the methodology and the project plan, establish communication channels, and agree on a decision flow.

Investing in your home’s renovation can be a major decision. That is why, in order to make the best option, it is critical to grasp the quotation. Most importantly, the cost must be acceptable. Rogue enterprises frequently quote a very low price in order to be selected for the project, planning to charge more to make up the difference; if not done on purpose, a contractor may choose to abandon the project when they realise it is not viable.

5. build

The construction manager assigned to your project organises the construction crew, creates the project time schedule, and manages the operations on site to ensure the job is completed on time.

  • Developing the programme: develop a clear programme to control progress and avoid problems.
  • Scheduling and executing work on-site: make advantage of expertise, best practises, professional competence, and the best on-site teams.
  • Reporting and information sharing: provide regular feedback and reply quickly to queries and requests.
  • Using cutting-edge technology, provide communication channels such as a dashboard, live chat, and photo and video sharing.
  • Making timely decisions: adhere to a defined procedure for all requests, approvals, last-minute adjustments, and decisions.

Your everyday routine is disrupted as a result of building work. The exchange of information and excellent communication are just as crucial as the completion of the work.
As a result, your project will have English-speaking construction supervisors and specialised communication channels to eliminate long and confusing email threads.



Your construction project manager creates the snagging list, ensures that all the little problems are addressed, and goes over everything with you to guarantee a flawless handover of your property.

  • Completing the work: Complete all of the construction work so that you may move in.
  • Checking all the particulars: make a snagging list to keep track of all the minor things
  • Finally, here are the complete details: Finish the snagging and sign off on the project

Sometimes the final few days of a project can be the most difficult. You can’t wait to finish the work and start your new life, but there are always the last details to iron out. After all of the waiting and disturbance caused by the construction, and then all of the minor details to be finalised!
That is why we make every effort to be available to you in the event of a last-minute request, query, or repair. Because seeing you pleased is what keeps us going every day.


house extensions

house extensions

Building the most stunning house extensions in Cyprus necessitates two key ingredients: a client with a vision and the proper team of architects, builders, and interior designers to turn that vision into a marble-edged, fabric-matched, open-plan, high-tech, bi-fold lighted reality. QR Codes are short for Quick Response Codes. Real Estate has exactly such a crew, so what are your home extension ambitions?

New Builds

New Builds

QR Codes Real Estate is a forward-thinking design and build partner in Cyprus, offering extraordinary new build and refurbishment projects. Our reputation as the “go-to” Tier 2 contractor stems from our commitment to high-quality, innovative, and best-value developments that exceed customer expectations.


QR Codes Real Estate are luxury home renovation experts, with a team of highly talented architects, interior designers, builders, and craftsmen dedicated to ensuring that your home is every inch the dream home you desire. If your project entails a flat or house renovation in Cyprus and you’re searching for a team with an eye for detail, a passion for precision, and a dedication to quality of finish, then contact us now for your refurbishing needs.

Design & Build

Design & Build

At QR Codes Real Estate, we have a skilled design team that can handle anything from initial planning approval drawings to final planning approval drawings. Whatever your scope, design concepts, or build complexity, we can manage it.

Interior Design

Interior Design

QR Codes Real Estate has established a reputation in the luxury interior design business for producing interiors that are intelligent, elegant, dynamic, and filled with passion and imagination. Our interior design studio is talented, friendly, approachable, and completely dedicated to obtaining the greatest design solution possible for any given project, whether it is a private residence, show suite, hotel, spa, or restaurant setting.

Kitchen Extensions

Kitchen Extensions

In order to make your kitchen extension, underfloor heating, and living space a reality in Cyprus, you’ll need a team of builders. QR Codes Real Estate is a Cyprus kitchen extension firm with such a staff, so what are your home extension dreams?

Loft Conversions

Loft Conversions

QR Codes Real Estate is a luxury loft conversion specialist in Cyprus. With hundreds of elegantly designed and impeccably finished loft conversions conducted throughout the city over the last decade, you can be confident that there are no better loft conversions in Cyprus than those created by Proficiency in terms of inventiveness, skill, and attention.