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The best House Extension in Cyprus

You can build an extension to your property in Paphos or Limassol, whether it’s a side return, wrap-around, or rear extension. It will provide you with more space and raise the value of your home. QR Codes Real Estate provides two sorts of construction packages. Design and build house extensions in Paphos. Our architect will collaborate with you to develop architectural and structural drawings. The plans will be submitted to your local authority before the construction process begins. Once your application has been approved, our expert builders in Paphos will finish your house extension to the greatest standards. If you have employed architects to design your home, we can extend it in accordance with their designs and standards.

You will receive a building completion certificate after the extension is completed. It is backed by a ten-year structural warranty. We have done several house extensions as one of the leading building contractors in Paphos. QR Codes Real Estate has constructed a number of projects in and around Paphos and Limassol. Our projects’ craftsmanship demonstrates the excellent services we deliver to our clients. Schedule a no-obligation consultation today. Professional extension builders will come to your home and give you an estimate. Allow our expert team to assist you in locating some of the best solutions to space issues in your Paphos property.

House extensions in the back

Our client desired to build an extra room to brighten up his house and express his personality. Our extension builders in Paphos fulfilled the goal by installing a rear house extension to this property. The brick walls helped the addition blend nicely with its surroundings.

Extension of a single storey

Our homeowners desired a larger kitchen that would build more light into their Paphos property. Our extension professionals erected this kitchen extension to the back of the house using the best materials. The Velux roof windows helped to lighten the interiors of the house.

Extension of two stories

Our customer chose to build a two-story extension. Due to the slope of this Paphos property, the project architect developed a home extension with a half basement and sliding glass doors. Our builders, who have years of experience in this industry, completed the building process in accordance with the designs.

house extension

Design of a House Extension

When it comes to designing the greatest house extension for your house, build whether you want a single or double-story extension with a flat or pitched roof. Take a look around your neighbourhood to see what types of extensions other people have built to get an idea of whether your extension plans are likely to be allowed. If your house extension design qualifies for Permitted Development, you will not need to apply for Planning Permission. A good architect or Paphos design and build contractor should be able to provide free planning and building permit assistance.

Building a home or a kitchen extension in Paphos is cost-effective, so you can choose this type of modification and acquire a new room or kitchen you want without having to relocate or buy a new house. With our diverse service extension in Paphos, our experienced team of architects, building experts, and interior design specialists collaborate with you to add the appropriate kitchen or living area to your property, taking into account your style preferences.

Extensions to a single-story house and kitchen

Because it connects the house to the garden, a single-story extension is a popular form of home remodelling project. One-story extensions are classified into three types: back, side return, and wrap-around. (shown).

While most single-story back and side return house extensions are permitted, a wrap-around extension requires Planning Permission. Our Paphos house extension builders could assist you in creating a spacious open-plan kitchen that connects to your back yard, a light sitting area with a fireplace, or a gym.

House Extensions with Two Storeys

A double-story house extension may be less expensive than a single-story house extension because the roof and foundations are the most expensive portions of the entire construction.

Our Paphos builders with years of experience could create a two-story extension to the rear or side of your home. Two-story side extensions must have a pitched roof that is identical in design to the existing one in order to comply with rules. You may add an extra bedroom, a playroom, or an office with a kitchen extension.

FAQs on House Extending

Contact us immediately if you have any questions about our Paphos home extension services or would like to schedule a free consultation with one of our skilled extension builders.

Our clients’ satisfaction is our top focus. We have collaborated with a number of architects and interior designers, including the award-winning Alan Cox Associates, to provide a 3D visualisation of your Paphos extension plans, as well as interior design services if required.

The cost of a house extension is determined by the quality of the finish and the materials utilised. While basic extensions in Paphos can be as little as €2000 per square metre, if you want to build a top quality high end extension, the cost can rise to €5000 per sq. m.

High-quality home extensions can boost the value of your Paphos or Limassol property by up to 25%, more than compensating for the cost.

A one-story rear or side extension can be finished in three or four months. Wrap-around extensions, as well as larger rear and side return extensions, will require more time to build. A two-story extension could take up to nine months to complete.

Due to the strong demand for larger homes, house extensions are becoming increasingly popular as house improvement projects. It is a creative and cost-effective construction approach for expert builders and homeowners who want to add more space to their home. The various forms of house extensions can provide you with numerous advantages. Aside from the obvious benefits for you and your family, such as greater space to co-habit in, an extension may also bring light to your Paphos home, making it appear brighter and more welcome.

The following are the most typical and popular uses for house extensions in Paphos:

  • Bringing the outdoors in by extending the back of the property into an open plan kitchen and dining room while utilising garden space.
  • Adding a bedroom, a games area, a playroom, a home office, or a gym.


house extensions

house extensions

Building the most stunning house extensions in Cyprus necessitates two key ingredients: a client with a vision and the proper team of architects, builders, and interior designers to turn that vision into a marble-edged, fabric-matched, open-plan, high-tech, bi-fold lighted reality. QR Codes are short for Quick Response Codes. Real Estate has exactly such a crew, so what are your home extension ambitions?

New Builds

New Builds

QR Codes Real Estate is a forward-thinking design and build partner in Cyprus, offering extraordinary new build and refurbishment projects. Our reputation as the “go-to” Tier 2 contractor stems from our commitment to high-quality, innovative, and best-value developments that exceed customer expectations.


QR Codes Real Estate are luxury home renovation experts, with a team of highly talented architects, interior designers, builders, and craftsmen dedicated to ensuring that your home is every inch the dream home you desire. If your project entails a flat or house renovation in Cyprus and you’re searching for a team with an eye for detail, a passion for precision, and a dedication to quality of finish, then contact us now for your refurbishing needs.

Design & Build

Design & Build

At QR Codes Real Estate, we have a skilled design team that can handle anything from initial planning approval drawings to final planning approval drawings. Whatever your scope, design concepts, or build complexity, we can manage it.

Interior Design

Interior Design

QR Codes Real Estate has established a reputation in the luxury interior design business for producing interiors that are intelligent, elegant, dynamic, and filled with passion and imagination. Our interior design studio is talented, friendly, approachable, and completely dedicated to obtaining the greatest design solution possible for any given project, whether it is a private residence, show suite, hotel, spa, or restaurant setting.

Kitchen Extensions

Kitchen Extensions

In order to make your kitchen extension, underfloor heating, and living space a reality in Cyprus, you’ll need a team of builders. QR Codes Real Estate is a Cyprus kitchen extension firm with such a staff, so what are your home extension dreams?

Loft Conversions

Loft Conversions

QR Codes Real Estate is a luxury loft conversion specialist in Cyprus. With hundreds of elegantly designed and impeccably finished loft conversions conducted throughout the city over the last decade, you can be confident that there are no better loft conversions in Cyprus than those created by Proficiency in terms of inventiveness, skill, and attention.